Katie Todd was born and raised in Chicago, and it’s still where she lives, raises her own family, and makes music. Katie has shared the stage with musical legends, including Patti Labelle and Steve Winwood, as well as contemporaries like Sarah McLachlan and Juliana Hatfield. She’s performed in front of packed audiences at venues and festivals such as Lilith Fair, and Lollapalooza. Lauded by iTunes.com as having one of the “top buzz bands in the country,” Katie Todd claimed a spot as the website’s “Artist of the Week,” earning over 300,000 downloads for the single, “Face Down” and subsequently selling another 100,000 additional singles. Many of her songs have been featured in films: “Leave” in Chasing the Green, starring Jeremy London; “The Polite” in The Mini; and “In and Around ” in Other People’s Parties, a Sundance finalist. “In and Around” was also National Geographic’s theme for their “Go Green” campaign.